York Liberal Jewish Community is deeply disturbed and saddened by the ongoing events in Israel and Gaza, which were precipitated by Hamas’ horrendous and indefensible attack on civilians, including women, children and old people, on the 7th October 2023.  The right of Israel to exist and defend itself within international law speaks to our identity as Jews, as does sharing the pain and suffering of Palestinian civilians caught up in the conflict.

Many of our members have been and will continue to be deeply affected by the conflict – directly and indirectly – and fear the consequences of those who seek to use the crisis to promote hatred and division here in the UK.

We are a religious not a political institution.  For this reason, it is not for us to express a view as a community on the conduct of the war, and our members no doubt hold a wide variety of views.  We will not provide a running commentary on the crisis and will leave it to others to issue or share any further statements, internally or externally, other than on behalf of our parent movement, Liberal Judaism.

Instead, we seek to offer all our members and the wider York community and faith organisations our emotional and physical support at this difficult time in the cause of peace. We seek to be a safe space within which all can come together and reflect as a community.  We pray for a just, sustainable and peaceful outcome for all those in the region.