Congratulations to our three new trustees elected at our AGM on Saturday 19th July:

  1. Katrina Blackmore

    l-r: Lillian Coulson, Sam Borin, Shaan Bloch, Chloe Wigston-Smith, Adrian Tellwright, Lee Carter, Orly Askew, Ben Rich, Shannon Kirshner, Ruth Morris (not shown: Tina Anderson, Jay Prosser, Katrina Blackmore)

  2. Jay Prosser
  3. Chloe Wigston Smith

Congratulations also to Shannon Kirshner who was re-elected as a trustee and will continue to serve as chair.

The motion tabled by Ros Clayton that “at YLJC gatherings the food shall be vegetarian and permitted fish” was also carried.

A huge thank you to our student Rabbi Gabriel Webber for leading a beautiful service, as ever.  We are sad to see him go but hope it is not goodbye but merely “au revoir”.  Meanwhile, we are looking forward to welcoming Peter Luyendijk as our student Rabbi for 2019/20.