Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 20th July starting promptly at 10.30am at the Friargate Meeting House immediately before the service.

Anyone is welcome and is entitled to speak but only full members are able to vote.


  1. Welcome and Presentation of Trustees Report (Trustees Report 2019)
  2. Minutes and Matters arising (Minutes of the 2018 AGM of YLJC)
  3. Resolutions and constitutional amendments (attached with election of trustees)
  4. Approval of accounts (Financial Report 201819 abbrev(2) Sheet1)
  5. Election of Trustees (election of trustees)
  6. Any other business (must be notified in advance)

If you have any questions ahead of the meeting or wish to raise a matter under Any Other Business please notify the chair in advance at chair@jewsinyork.org.uk