AGM Meeting

All YLJC members are invited to join us for our annual general meeting at 10.00am on Saturday 4th December 2022 immediately prior to our monthly Shabbat morning service.  The agenda is:


  1. Welcome and Presentation of Trustees Report (attached)
  2. Minutes and Matters arising (attached)
  3. Resolutions and constitutional amendments
  4. Approval of accounts (attached)
  5. Election of Trustees
  6. Any other business (must be notified in advance)

Election of trustees:

The following Trustees are standing down or have stood down in the past year and we thank them for their service:

Brian Berry
Elizabeth Storrs

The following trustees (members of the committee) are currently part way through their three-year term:

  1. Shaan Bloch
  2. Sam Borin
  3. Lilian Coulson
  4. Howard Duckworth
  5. Sarah Hubbard
  6. Ruth Morris
  7. Ben Rich
  8. Sharon Tagger
  9. Adrian Tellwright

The following are seeking election/reelection:

  1. Jay Prosser
  2. Lauren McNeilage

All committee members serve as Trustees of the York Liberal Jewish Community.  The Committee will assign roles and responsibilities from within their number.

As up to 15 people may serve as Trustees at any one time, no election is required, but those seeking election will be subject to a vote of approval at the meeting.