The City of York is working with English Heritage, who manage Clifford’s Tower, and York Museums Trust to redevelop the car park next to Clifford’s Tower, the Eye of York, and renovate Castle Museum. This is a rare opportunity to have a say in how the public learns about the massacre of 1190 but also more broadly about Jewish life in 12th century York.

Representatives of these organisations will join us at the Meeting House after services on 21 September, 1-3pm. They are eager to get our feedback on how the new public park that will replace the car park can better tell the story of the events of 1190. It might also be possible to have a new permanent exhibit about York’s Jewish community in the 12th century at Castle Museum. Some of the possible topics that we can discuss include:

  • 1190 and the massacre of York’s Jewish community and how to interpret it for a wider public audience today.
  • An exhibit that might explore the story of York’s Jewish community in the 12th century and the context that led to the massacre. Can some aspects of the story be told through a Jewish perspective?
  • How the legacy of 1190 has influenced York longer term (e.g. in involvement in Kindertransport)
  • Improving access to the existing memorial plaque so stones can easily be laid or seating can be put around it.
  • How to build greater public understanding of the significance of the daffodils— they were planted specifically to bloom around 16 March annually.
  • Use of the motte- should the mound be built on, planted up, or remain the same?
  • Other things we might want to see on the site, from family-friendly picnics to music and theatre.

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