Judaism 101: Autumn 2017 Schedule

Autumn and Winter Term Dates 2017/18

Date Topic Description
19 October Moses’s staff problems: a look at Jews and miracles From well-known miracles such as the parting of the Red Sea to more obscure stories about wine bottles in rickety cellars, Judaism is replete with tales of the supernatural and the wonderful. This session will explore the role of miracles in the Jewish tradition, and how we as modern readers can engage with what can be implausible ideas.
16 November The End of Days (and a very naughty boy) In a session mixing the doom and gloom of the apocalypse with some light relief from Monty Python, we will explore Jewish notions of messianism, Judgment Day and the beyond…
14 December Are we what we eat? Ask most people to relate one fact about Jews, and you’re very likely to get an answer including the word ‘pork’. But the concept of kosher eating is far more complex than that; this session will explore what it means in general, and what it could mean for us as Liberal Jews.


All sessions will be led by student Rabbi, Gabriel Webber.

Please note our new venue:  the Garden Room, Friargate Meeting House

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