York’s new Liberal Jewish Community is racking up the ‘firsts’, as the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashannah) approaches.


For the first time in half a century, services will be held in the City to mark the most important festivals in the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashannah on the evening of 24th September and Yom Kippur – the Day of Repentance – on 4th October.


Meanwhile, the next monthly Sabbath service, on Saturday 20th September, will be led by Rabbi Sandra Kviat, Denmark’s first female Rabbi, who is also Liberal Judaism’s education officer.


The community received a massive boost last month when it was lent a Czech Torah scroll for its services.   The scroll, which contains the five books of Moses, was rescued from the Holocaust by the Prague Jewish community and, although that community was tragically destroyed, the scroll will now bring new Jewish life to York in defiance of the Nazis.


Community leader Ben Rich says:


“It is so exciting how the community has taken off.   Typically, services attract thirty to fifty people and pretty much every week more and more people who identify as Jewish come out of the woodwork.


“Now that we are marking the most important days in the Jewish calendar here in the City, we can say Jewish life has well and truly return to York.”


Set up in May this year, the 70-strong York Liberal Jewish community meets at the Quaker Meeting House in Friargate. Services are fully egalitarian, largely in English and open to all. Children are welcome with an after school kids club and a family service planned for Yom Kippur afternoon.

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