Since we were founded York Liberal Jewish Community has collected over £3000 for charity in our three high holy day appeals.  We very much hope our members and friends will continue to support us just as generous in 2017.

The three charities we are supporting this year are:

Our Local Charity—Carecent

Carecent has been a charity that we have support- ed since our community was established. They offer a hot breakfast to homeless people in York, provides help with form-filling and job finding for those who are trying to get off the street. Carecent’s customers are amongst the most deprived people in the City. At present, they are really struggling and their stocks of essentials have never been so low. This quote shows how important their services are to their customers:

“The staff are fantastic and will talk to you about your problems. They make you feel safe. They have got me going to the gym, they take us on trips and they can refer you to other agencies who can help you”.

Find out more –

Our National Jewish Charity — JAMI

Mental health services are in crisis. In 1989, JAMI was set up by relatives and friends of people suffering mental health problems in the Jewish community.

For those affected by health issues such as bipolar

affective disorder, schizophrenia, depression and eating disorders, life can be extremely challenging.

JAMI are focused on helping people recover, providing practical help, motivating people to over- come difficulties to fulfil their individual potential, maximise their self esteem and make progress along their own recovery path.

Although based in London, JAMI have outreach schemes for Jews all over the UK who need their services.

Visit them at

Our Israeli Charity— Leket

Thousands of tons of quality food goes to waste in Israel—estimated to be 40% of all food produced in the country. Leket collects surplus food from manufacturers, restaurants and supermarkets. It also goes out into the field to glean produce left in the fields after harvest.

The paradox of large-scale waste coupled with the growing number of poor led to their founding and bring quality surplus food to those who need it— irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion.

See the website:

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