Bread And Honey
For the first time in forty years, there will be High Holy Day services in York this year as follows:
Yom Kippur Festival Study Session (Thursday 2th October)

6pm, Festivals study session with Rabbi Robert Ash, NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE: BRIGANTES BAR, MICKLEGATE (

An opportunity to understand the significance of and rituals surrounding the festivals at this season, including Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kipppur.   Open to all, but of particular value to those considering conversion

Yom Kippur (Saturday 4th October)
3.30pm:Family Service for everyone but particularly aimed at families
4.30pm:Afternoon Service including Torah and traditional Haftorah reading of Book of Jonah
5.30pm:Memorial Service
6.00pm:Concluding Service
7.00pm:End and opportunity to break the fast together
All services will be at the Quaker Meeting House and services will be inclusive, egalitarian and with lots of English in the York tradition.  Timings are approximate.
Offers of help with stewarding, reading (in English and/or Hebrew) and breaking the fast would all be hugely appreciated.