Winter 2021

Thursday 28th January: York’s Jewish history.

Dr. Rabbi Michael Hilton will be discussing his research on the topic.

Thursday 23rd February: When Hillel’s students killed Shammai’s students

There’s a forgotten fast day in the Jewish calendar. It dropped out of use around the Middle Ages. But it commemorates a day when the students of Rabbi Shammai massacred the students of Rabbi Hillel – despite the two men always depicted as being the best of friends. What happened, and how can we continue to mark this shocking occasion? Join this 1-hour class to find out!

Thursday 13th March: CSI Israel – how they solved murder mysteries in the Torah

When a murder victim is found, the Book of Deuteronomy tells us, and we don’t know who the killer is, the best thing to do is fetch a cow and break its neck. What is this all about? This 1-hour session will explore the ritual of the ‘egla arufah’ and look at how our ancestors understood the importance of protecting victims of crime.

Please be aware Thursday 28th of January session is lead by guest speaker Dr. Rabbi Michael Hilton.

Feburary’s and March’s session led by Student Rabbi Gabriel Webber.

Time: All session begin at 7pm.

Venue:  Sessions will be online via Zoom until further notice. If you need sign detail, please email here.

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