Autumn 2018

18 October – Making a prophet: God’s agents or obsessive troublemakers?
Hebrew is the only language with a tense called the ‘prophetic perfect’, but how perfect were the prophets of old? God spoke through them, but what did they do next? From Elijah the political activist to Jeremiah the doom-monger, this session will look at the role of prophecy and the people who did (do?) it.
15 November – The trolley problem for Jews: how Judaism [maybe] answers ethical dilemmas
If you’re trapped on a lifeboat, can you eat your fellow passengers to stay alive? Who should you throw off a sinking hot air balloon? And if a thug demands, “Your money or your life!”… which should it be? This session explores Jewish responses to ethical dilemmas: come along prepared to disagree!
13 December – The real story of Chanukah (or one of them)
We light eight candles, but there are probably more than eight versions of the Channukah story. Were the Maccabees heroic or were they the first terrorists? Was it an invasion or a civil war? Come and learn how a Jewish festival was created and then adapted to serve the needs of different periods of history. (Latkes optional but strongly encouraged.)

All sessions will be led by student Rabbi, Gabriel Webber and begin at 7pm.

Venue:  The Garden Room, Friargate Meeting House