Clifford Tower June 2018

I remember towards the end of 2019, a few months before the lockdown, attending an event regarding the future of Clifford Tower. A part of the event involved YLJC Chair standing at the base and telling the history of the tower.


About a year earlier, before joining YLYC, I had visited the tower. During my visit, I did not realise the significance of its history and its connection to the York Jewish Community nor realised its connection to antisemitism.


While listening to our Chair at YLJC speak about the history of the tower, it brought meaning to the history and they brought the history to life. It left me feeling moved and left a permanent impression.

It made me realise how far we have came since 1190 but how much farther we must go. After learning about the history, I felt a connection to the tower. I understand its importance to both York’s and British Jewish history.

Due to COVID, this year’s remembrance was done virtually. YLJC Student Rabbi, Gabriel Kanter-Webber spoke and York Uni representative Katie Marks who both referenced our community in their talks. Jack Morris read Kaddish.  Below is a video of the talks and Kaddish. 


To view this year’s remembrance, please click on this link.


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